Lilium longiflorum var eximium, by H. J. Elwes

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H. J. Elwes (1846-1922), a widely traveled naturalist explorer who first became interested in lilies on a trip to the Himalayas.

His folio, "A Monograph of the Genus Lilium" was issued on several stages between 1877 and 1880. The plates were drawn by H. J. Elwes, Lilian Snelling and Margaret Stones. H. J. Elwes wrote the text which included all known lilies at that time.

The original folios were primarily hand colored lithographs combined with several chromolithograph plates. We have chosen to reproduce 12 Lilies providing a range of colors which will enhance any décor.


Elwes Lilies:                  Image: 14 x 20"      Paper: 19.25 x 25"



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