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Article: 8 Must-Read Tips Before Buying Art for Your Living Room January 25, 2015 01:59

Well-placed artwork has the power to transform a space, but selecting the correct piece can be a complicated and intimidating project. To help demystify this process, we've turned to art consultant Daniel Kinkade to give us some pointers on choosing the right piece of art for a home. He's also se...〈=en&uid=153834883

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Prize Bulls and Sheep...


and more...

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We have just added 6 exquisite reproductions of Rabel's Botanical Studies...take a look.


DELOITTE: Art and Finance report 2014 (Downloadable report) November 4, 2014 01:37

In last year’s report we identified an increasing sense of convergence in motivations among key stakeholders in the art market and in the wealth management community regarding art as an asset class.

Based on the findings of this report, the wealth management industry is clearly taking a more strategic view on art as an asset class and how it might be used as a tool to build stronger and deeper relationships with clients, in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

This year’s findings suggest that art buyers and collectors are increasingly acquiring art and collectibles from an investment viewpoint (76% said so this year, compared with 53% in 2012), which will most likely increase the need and demand for professional and wealth management services relating to the management and planning, preservation, leverage and enhancement of art and collectible assets.

It is particularly interesting to see that the wealth management community is already responding to this new demand, with 88% of the family offices and 64% of the private banks surveyed said that estate planning around art and collectibles is a strategic focus in the coming 12 months. This highlights that art related tax, estate and succession planning issues are increasingly becoming a hot agenda topic. Also, 50% of the family offices surveyed stated that one of the most important motivations for including art and collectibles in their service offering was due to the potential role it could play in a balanced portfolio and asset diversification strategy.

Download the report with the link below:

What Are America's Top 10 Private Contemporary Art Museums? November 4, 2014 01:34

Check it out...10 Tips For Collecting Art Online November 4, 2014 01:12

New prints added...INTERIORS September 5, 2014 11:00

Interiors have been reproduced from some of the most fashionable Parisian furnishing establishments of the late 1800's. The original lithographs were rich in color and decorating ideas.

Added new prints...SHELLFISH & Snakes September 2, 2014 14:00



Albert Seba (1665 – 1736) was a collector of natural curiosities who had become wealthy in the service of the Dutch East India Company.

Through extensive travel, Seba collected thousands of new and exotic examples of Natural History. His collection became such a famous attraction that it was bought by Peter The Great for the vast sum of 15,000 guilders in 1717. However, with this money Seba soon began to assemble an even greater collection, which was painted and engraved by major artists of the time.

His second collection was cataloged in 449 hand colored plates that were issued from 1734 through 1765 and were popularly known as "Seba's Cabinet". It was an ambitious project to catalog all known natural species in the world.

Although the subjects may appear "unusual", in formal settings with the correct frame, Seba's subjects will give a highly sophisticated aura to the room.

Added new prints...SHELLS August 29, 2014 07:30


 Anyone who has walked an ocean beach constantly watches the sand for unusual shells that the tide casts ashore. In 1742, the Italian engraver, Pazzi, published a comprehensive volume of all known shells. Our Shell collection reproduced four of his best plates. They are available in two sizes for use in larger or smaller rooms.

Added new prints...Monkeys (by George Luis Leclerc Buffon) August 25, 2014 00:00



In the Age of Science, no artist capitalized on the trend of linking man and nature better than George Luis Leclerc Buffon (1749 – 1804).

His largest body of work Histoire Naturelle placed animals and beasts against backdrops of civilization. Each creature has an almost human expression.

We have reserved a special section for the Monkey prints that were found in the same volume. As a grouping or in pairs, they deserve a place of their own.


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