Days of Sail - Racer Sailing Ship

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Until the arrival of the jumbo aircraft in the late 20th century, the vast majority if the world's passengers traveled via ocean sailing ships.


The arrival and departures of these vessels were important enough to world commerce that until the 1970's their daily activities were listed in metropolitan newspapers.


During the 19th century, news weeklies often illustrated the best and fastest of the liners. Our collection is from assorted weeklies and hand colored then reproduced in full color.


Days of Sail are available in two sizes. The smaller ones make excellent groupings. In any setting they will create an atmosphere of "the wind at your back, while standing before the mast".


Days of Sail:

Image: 12 x 18 "           or      8.5 x 12.5"

Paper: 19 x 25"            or      13.5 x 17.5"